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Las actividades de Global Mountain

Global Mountain is a company comprising 10 Mountain Guides, it functions as a mountaineering, backcountry skiing and climbing school, bringing beginners  to these sports in a spirit of awareness with emphasis on the culture of safety in the mountains.

The Global Mountain guides work in all the valleys around Cuneo taking outdoor enthusiasts for some of the most gratifying  experiences that high altitude sports can offer. The three winter watchwords for  Global Mountain are : Backcountry skiing, off-piste and Icefall climbing.

Backcountry skiing. The magnificent amphitheatre of peaks surrounding Cuneo with over 400 routes within 45 mins drive from Cuneo and a season which lasts 180 days make this area one of the most suitable in the whole of the Alps for this sport. Everyone will find a worthwhile experience here, both beginners and the fittest and most exacting skier.
For beginners: courses with several excursions or one day courses to introduce the techniques used in backcountry skiing and safety in a snowbound environment.
For backcountry skiers with some experience: guided excursions and ski tours lasting several days, chosing the best route every day on the basis of the snow and weather conditions. Weekends or whole weeks of skiing in the upper Occitan valleys based in refuges that can only be reached on skis.
For fitter skiers: Two of the most breathtaking haute routes in the Alps: the Monviso circuit on skis in four days and the crossing of the whole of the Maritime Alps in two 5 day sections.

Off-piste skiing, using the lifts to climb, Global Mountain's “fun with safety”. Through guided outings and courses the Mountain Guides supply the basic information on how to ski and use the emergency equipment for self rescue. Every outing includes a simulated avalanche rescue. The rescue equipment includes, rucksac with air-bag, avalanche beacon, probe and shovel, and is supplied by the organisation. There are single day or ski safaris over several days to explore the best unspoilt snow around the ski resorts in the Province of Cuneo. Guides are available for beginners and for demanding, competent off-pisters.

The most beautiful icefalls in the valleys around Cuneo with the Global Mountain Alpine Guides, specific climbs, basic courses of several outings and finishing courses. For beginners one day courses on equipped ice walls. Technical equipment supplied by the organisation.
 Put yourself in the hands of a professional for your adventures in the Maritime Alps and Monviso area, The Mountain Guides can be recognised by the UIAGM badge they always wear and their guides id card.

Info: Global Mountain - Guide Alpine Cuneo -  www.globalmountain.it - +39 366.3571021Info about programmes: promotion@globalmountain.it