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Ursus spelaeus


The Bossea Cave is in the Corsaglia Valley, near the village of Frabosa Soprana. Situated at 836 meters above sea level, it is one of the most beautiful and important caves in Italy. It is a protected area run by the Natural Park of the Marguareis Massif. 

It is characterised by:
-    notable dimensions with panoramic views of sheer walls and picturesque scenary;
-    great richness in flowing and falling water;
-    high scientific and naturalistic value.

It is conventionally divided into a lower zone characterised by its imposing size and an upper zone essentially made up by a complex of tunnels developing on superimposed levels. The two parts of the cave are separated by the waterfall of the Ernestina Lake. The full vitality of the genetic and evolutionary process is due to the abundance of water that distinguishes Bossea from any other major Italian cave. Its calcareous concretions, consisting of stalactites and stalagmites, are often impressive for their size no less than for their beautiful shapes and colours.

The cave was first explored by Domenico Mora and it was opened to the public (the first in Italy) on 2nd August 1874 thanks to the senator Giovanni Garelli from Mondovì.

Since 1964, a scientific station has been working in the cave, run by the C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club) Group of the Maritime Alps. Its task is to carry out research into the biological phenomena in the cave. The Bossea cave counts no less then 50 species of cave animals (10 of which endemic) and during excavation works, begun in 1865 and carried on for a few decades, a lot of interesting paleontologic material was dug out. A skeleton of the “Ursus Spelaeus” (Cave bear) has been reconstructed using some of the finds, and it is on display in the Temple Hall.

It is advisable to visit this cave with suitable clothes (constant temperature 9° C); waterproof shoes and torches are highly recommended.

Since 1874, its immense show staging everyday for you…

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