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Ph. L. Valente - Raganella
Ph. R. Ribetto - Lake Fiorenza
Ph. R. Ribetto - Salamanden of Lanza
Ph. R. Ribetto - Sambucina
Ph. T. Aimar - The springs of the River Po
Ph. U. Maletto - Grey squirrel
Ph. R. Ribetto - The Monviso mountain seen from Ostana

This natural Park boasts a variety of natural environments due to the presence of water along all its extent and to the difference in altitude between the 250 and the 3,841 meters above sea-level. The park covers a surface of 7,780 hectares and follows the first segment of the Po river from Monviso to the border with the province of Turin. Starting from the sources, the vegetation is rich and various, while starting from Crissolo the river course is bordered by some high-trunk trees; going down towards the plain we can meet step by step different species, from the conifers to the broadleaf trees, such as larches, birches, beech trees, chestnut trees, willows and black alders.

The Park Museums -Visitor Centres

• River Po Visitor Center and Naturalistic Museum in Revello
Located in Revello town centre, at the entrance of the Po Valley, the Museum dedicated to the Po River offers a chance to discover the river environment from a scientific and aesthetic point of view, in order to appreciate its natural resources. The Museum houses also a room for lessons, conferences, and meetings provided with modern audiovisual equipment.
Address: Piazza Denina, 5 - 12036 Revello (CN)

• Alevè Forest Visitor Centre in Casteldelfino
No barriers between visitors and the objects on display. Alevè Forest Visitor Centre in Casteldelfino is dedicated to the mythical Swiss Stone Pine Alevè Forest, in Valle Varaita, on the slopes of Monviso. Visitors can follow a path, faithfully reproduced, which enters the forest. Among the trees and the brushwood, you can see the typical animals of the area: wild boars, hares and black grouses. The path of the Centre leads to the reproduction of the nearby Bagnour Lake and the alpine surrounding environment.
Address: Via Roma (ex Ala Comunale) - 12020 Casteldelfino (CN)

• The Pyrope Visitor Center and Museum in Martiniana Po
This is a very rare crystal that can be found only in a very few places. It is a mineral of the garnet group, and only a very few people know about its existence. Pyropes can be found in Martiniana Po, in the Po Valley. The Pyrope Museum has been created to make people discover a unique and precious feature of the territory; the structure, mainly thought for schools, is situated in the town centre, a few steps from the Town Hall, and it consists of three halls. The first hall is dedicated to the geological events leading to the formation of the Po Valley as we can see it today. The second hall deals with the crystals and their structure, with the help of several models explaining the arrangement of the atoms in space. Everything leads to the final explanation of pyrope crystals. Since the Museum has a mainly didactic function, the last hall is equipped for video projections: in order to complete an interesting but complex theme, the display is summarized with some documentaries providing the essential concepts with simple and captivating words.
Address: Via Roma, 25 - 12030 Martiniana Po (CN)

• Information and documentation centre Escartons (seasonal center – summer)
The new "Centre" is part of a circuit of info-points dedicated to the Escartons' territories. (“Escarton” is a sort of federal democratic state, that survived for 400 years and was the birthplace of a cultural heritage common to the populations of some of our valleys). It is an important documentation centre and meeting point for the Associations dealing with the study and promotion of local culture. It aims to promote the cultural heritage of the Escartons offering the chance to consult books and documentaries, providing tourist information on the activities carried out in upper Varaita Valley (Bellino, Pontechianale, and Casteldelfino), but also in the other Escartons (Alta Val Susa, Alta Val Chisone, Queyras) and in the adjacent valleys.
Contacts: Via Roma, 39 - 12020 Casteldelfino (CN)
Tel. +39 0175 95369

Ente di Gestione delle Aree Protette del Monviso:

via Griselda, 8 12037 - Saluzzo (CN),
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