Natural Park of the Gesso and Stura rivers

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View of the Bisalta from the Gesso Stream
Didactic garden
Confluence of the rivers
Track for cross country skiing
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The Natural Park of the Gesso and Stura rivers is an area of 4500 hectares for sport, didactics, free-time, culture. A connection for the surrounding territories, near the valley and the mountains where it meets the Natural Park of Maritime Alps. A green web of cycle-hiking routes, currently about 100 km extension to connect all the park-areas. Some tracks give the chance to fully enjoy the nature and the landscape of the park on foot or by bike. Signs, information boards and reading stations guide the visitors to discover the territories in their natural and cultural traits. Specific activities with the schools are also provided for.

The water is the heart of the Park, with the 60 km of the Gesso and Stura flowing inside the municipality of Cuneo and of Borgo San Dalmazzo, Castelletto Stura, Centallo, Cervasca, Montanera, Roccasparvera, Roccavione, Sant'Albano Stura e Vignolo. History is showing us that the very same localization of Cuneo was suggested by the availability of running water, useful for the proto-industrial supplies of water and for land-watering. Water was precious in the past, but even more today, in order to guarantee the life of the various animal and vegetal species present along the banks of the water streams. The different environments of the park are populated by hundreds of animal species: 114 species of birds, 25 species of mammals, 9 species of amphibious, 8 species of reptiles, 53 species of daily Lepidoptera besides a considerable number of insects and other invertebrates.

The Park is made-up of a cluster of different eco-systems that preserve a sound balance between the river environment and the human activities that have been carried out through the centuries. Main vegetation is the forest-type with oaks, black locusts, ash trees; the plain-forest of Sant’Anselmo and of Impero are particularly suggestive. The remaining territories are filled with agricultural activities, fields, orchards and riparian vegetation with alder plants, white and back poplars, willows.

In the park, elements of peculiar historical and cultural interest can be found, such as sanctuaries, chapels, mills, villas and farmhouses. The Municipality of Cuneo is promoting didactical-entertaining projects for adults and children, labs, sport events, conferences and exhibitions on subjects connected to the river territory of Cuneo. An ideal place for sport lovers, the park offers a four seasons track  for cross country skiing, but also running, horse riding, roller skating, soccer, tennis, beach-volley, mountain biking, cycling, swimming, fishing, hiking and Nordic walking. The Canoe-centre of Cuneo “Le Basse – not only water”, a centre for learning canoeing directly into the river Stura of Demonte and a climbing wall are available by Le Basse di Stura

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