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Some places are so grand themselves they need no grand introduction: their history speaks for itself. Cities with an abundance of history, verdant woods, tradition, ancient history, statuesque mountains and ever-changing landscape not to mention food and wine trails, art exhibitions and book festivals: this and much, much more makes Cuneo an absolute gem of a province.

Cuneo, the third largest of Italy's provinces by area, hence the nickname "La Granda", is possibly one of the best ways of getting to know Piedmont: here the heritage and history of the place have remained untouched by the passing of time. Every season presents a new opportunity, and every corner a hidden surprise: it doesn't matter if you visit in winter and find a white wonderland, or in summer, when the many beautiful colours of the landscape reflect in the hot sun, you will be charmed nevertheless.

We'll do our very best to illustrate and describe many of the beautiful sights there are to behold in Cuneo, whether you visit alone, with friends or your family, you too can enjoy the pleasure of such a unique and extraordinary place.


The province of Cuneo: the green line borders the part of the area under the control of the A.T.L. del Cuneese.