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The Mondolé Ski area includes the ski resorts of Artesina, Frabosa Soprana, and Prato Nevoso. The skiing area offers more than 120 km of downhill runs, always with a perfect snow cover, served by 24 lifting systems (multiple seat chairlifts, ski lifts, and magic carpets). The ticket is free-hands type and it can be bought online. Thanks to the efforts of Mondolé Ski, the ticket prices remained the same as last year.

Mondolé Ski offers all kinds of entertainments and events: farm-to-table restaurants, charming family-run small restaurants (trattorie), bars, discos, uphill lodges or refuges. You can spend some time visiting the two ethnographic museums or exploring the Caudano or Bossea caves with their underground settings. Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and during the whole Christmas Holidays, you can snowboard or experience a downhill run by night at the Prato Nevoso Snowpark dedicated area. Children can practice ski on the so-called “Campi Scuola” (practicing areas for beginners) served by magic carpets, or play in the kinder gardens or fun parks. More than 400 ski instructors are available. Next winter season will be rich in events. The opening event will be, as usual, the Ski Open Season in Prato Nevoso at the beginning of December.
You will feel the spirit of Christmas Holidays by visiting one of the Christmas markets, or being part of the Presepe Vivente di Pianvignale (the living nativity scene). You will also enjoy the incoming New Year in one of the new eve festivals in Frabosa, Artesina and Prato Nevoso. Be sure not to miss the Mascottes Party in Artesina and the Spring Splash in Prato Nevoso at the end of the skiing season.

Artesina is an excellent and charming ski area, perfect for families with little skiers. The Kinder Park Pinky Park is the best place for kids with games, shows and a lot of fun. Pinky Park is equipped with inflatable structures so that children can experience their first contact with snow in completely safe way.

Platter lifts: 4
Chailifts: 6
Magic carpet: 2
Hands free skipass

60 km of downhill pistes:
22 km easy (7 pistes)
28 km medium (9 pistes)
10 km difficult (2 pistes)

Ski Resort (downhill skiing lift facilities)
ph. +39 0174 242 000 - -
Cross-country skiing
4 km La Turra -

4 Restaurants/Coffee bars on the slopes (Artesina, loc. Borrello, loc. Rastello, loc. Colletto).

Siccardi Sport ph. +39 0174 242 104,
Wally Shop ph. +39 0174 242 058

- Scuola sci Marguareis tel. +39 0174 242 112,

Taxi ph. +39 0174 244 640

please click here to download the Mondolè Ski skimap. 


Ph. Artesina SpA
Ph. Artesina SpA