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The international ski area RISERVA BIANCA in Limone Piemonte is a well-known leisure village also in summertime. The skiing area offers 80 km of downhill runs spread within 37 slopes, always with a perfect snow cover and all served by 18 ultramodern lifting systems (multiple seat chairlifts, gondola lifts, and magic carpets). The relative skiing difficulties of slopes offer a wide range of runs and trails to enjoy, safely, both to the beginner and to the more expert skiers. The ticket is free-hands type.

If you are not a skier but you want to practice some sports, you can ice skate or, if you prefer, you can enjoy cross-country skiing, explore one of the endless number of snowshoe trails or challenge yourself with ice climbing. The welcoming medieval centre of Limone offers a journey in the past with its gothic parish church, the stunning nobles’ houses and the “Fontana Blu” (Blue Fountain) where Pope Pio VII quenched his thirst. In town, you can enjoy your time in one of the nice and trendy places or, if it is the right time, eat in one of the fashionable restaurants or in one of the charming trattoria, our typical small family-run restaurants where you can taste our traditional dishes. The excellent cuisine of the downtown historical area brought this alpine village, already known by the Romans, back to its ancient splendor.

For children beginning their ski experience, there are two kinder parks with bouncy play areas, inflatables, fun trials, and four magic carpets. If you are a snowboarder, you can enjoy two dedicated snow parks. The non-skiers can experience several snowshoe itineraries at high altitudes, suitable for the whole family, where you can enjoy a relaxing walk on the snow savoring the breathtaking pristine view of the western Alps. You can take a rest from a full sporting day by visiting the village of Vernante, a few km apart from Limone, where you can wander around the alleys and squares getting lost in the story of Pinocchio told on an incredible number of murals. The Vermenagna Valley is one of the access valleys to neighboring France. The Riviera Ligure and the French Côte d’Azur with its Nizza and Montecarlo, are at about two hours driving from Limone Piemonte.




Total: 18
Platter lifts: 2
Chailifts: 11
Gondola lift: 1
Magic carpets: 4
Hands free ski pass

80 km of downhill slopes:
1.5 km very easy (2 pistes)
6 km easy (4 pistes)
58 km medium (25 red pistes)
15 km difficult (11 pistes).

5 km of cross-country ski trails: 3 km easy and 2 km medium.

Snowpark in Limone 1400.
Info: L.I.F.T. ph. +39 0171 926 254

12 trails (80 km) in Limone and Limonetto.
Info: - ph. +39 0171 924 01
Showshoes hire:
- Bottero Ski, Limone P.te: ph. +39 0171 922 74
- Cross-country pistes in Panice, Limone P.te loc. Tetti Gris: ph. +39 0171 928 259

"Scuola Sci Limone" ph. +39 0171 923 19 -
"Scuola Sci Equipe" ph. +39 0171 928 167-

- Bottero Ski: via Genova n. 40, ph. +39 0171 922 74
- Garesio Sport: Panice Soprana Quota 1400, ph. +39 0171 928 209
- Bottero Baviot: ph. +39 0171 928 119
- Nico Sport: ph. +39 0171 926 740

Ski facilities
Lift S.p.A.
Tel. +39 0171 926 254
Fax +39 0171 926 584
Sciovie S. Secondo - Maneggio
Tel. +39 0171 926 033   
Cross-Country Ski Trails
Tel. +39 0171 300 608 / +39 333 4022 041
Fax +39 0171 928 259    

Trains Torino/Cuneo/Limone:
Bus Limone/Limonetto/Quota 1400
Taxi: M. Vietti ph. +39 348 8538 619, M. Ghibaudo ph. +39 338 4616 452, M. Martini ph. +39 329 2157 284

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Ph. L.I.F.T. S.p.A.
Ph. L.I.F.T. S.p.A.
Ph. L.I.F.T. S.p.A.
Ph. L.I.F.T. S.p.A.