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"El Diablo" presents ... the Cuneo Cycling District

Cycling along the valleys of Cuneo with "el Diablo" Claudio Chiappucci
Ph. E.Rolando - riding a MTB on the alpine peaks
Claudio Chiappucci on his MTB

Claudio Chiappucci is no stranger to the experience of tourist-cycling itineraries. He can rely on a solid experience in the field of the most prestigious long-distance races and in travels to temperate countries with tourist-cyclists. It is not a coincidence because the Cuneo area is a territory fit for cyclist and tourist-cyclists alike. Cuneo tourist-cycling district was designed so as to offer a positive and organised idea for those who want to experience the province by bike.

Cuneo’s valleys and plains,” Chiappucci says, “are the craddle of eno-gastronomy but they have also been stages of the Giro d’Italia for many years and in 2008 hosted two important stages of the Tour de France. This is a land of cyclists and devotees of the two wheels for fun, health and passion. Besides identifying some itineraries for cyclists who can rely on their good physical training to tackle the high mountain climbs or who love to vie with distance, the purpose of this wonderful enterprise is to suggest a selection of roads and trails for pleasant tours and for training. A variety offered by the richness of landscapes and itineraries immersed in natural environments, where the sports activities can be continuously enriched by cultural visits and wine and food stop-offs”. 

It is not true it is so tiring; it is only important just to choose an itinerary at one’s own level. It can also be done with kids who will be very happy to cycle free of danger or to be carried on one of their parents’ saddles instead of getting bored inside a car. 

Download all the itineraries:



- Map of ebike rental centers in the Province of Cuneo


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