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Mototurismo in Valle Varaita - Archivio ATL del Cuneese

4x4 sulla Via del Sale © R. Croci - Archivio ATL del Cuneese

Motorbike itineraries in the valleys of the province of Cuneo

The province of Cuneo, surrounded by magnificent alpine peaks, is an ideal destination for all motorbike lovers.

You’ll find in this page 4 itineraries, leading you from the Tanaro Valley up to the Po Valley (at the foot of Monviso), through breathtaking alpine passes (Agnello,  Larche, Tende).

Route 1 – The ring of the three hills  
Route 2 - Observing the King of Stone
Route 3 – Marenca Road
Route 4 – In the shadow of the Salt Road

2018 - Motorbike routes in the province of Cuneo

2016 - Motorbike map