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Gesso valley - Valcuca lake and Mount Matto

The geological history of the Alps, the radial position of the valleys, the climate influenced by the Ligurian Sea are just some factors that have contributed to the birth of a never ending variety of environments, from “dolomitic” of the Marguareis Massif to the crystalline rocks of Argentera and Monviso.

From Cuneo, the eye embraces the extraordinary amphitheatre of the Ligurian, Maritime and Southern Cottian Alps and stops at Monviso which, with its 3841 m altitude, represents a great summer and winter tourist attraction.

Who comes to discover this extreme south-western strip of the Alps will take home the memory of walking along paths of matchless beauty. A protected, sheltered, silent and quiet corner,  rich with stretches of flowers and wild animals, woods and forests, fields and pastures, crowned by mountains from the Tanaro to the Po valley.

Here you'll find some high and low valley paths that represent only a little bit of what our mountains offer. If you want to discover some of the amazing hiking routes crossing our Alps, please click here.

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