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Acceglio – Ethnographic museum
INFO: Loc. Chiavetta – Restaurant “Gardetta”: Ph. +39.0171.99017
OPENING HOURS: July, August, September: Monday to Sunday with advanced booking.

Argentera – The smuggler museum
The "Mizoun del Countrabandìer" is an old residential building situated in the characteristic suburb Ferriere, in the upper Stura Valley. It was reconstructed and used as a “Smuggler House” or better: it became a museum, that describes the old and traditional costum of the smugglers. The building has been reconstructed as it was probably a few decades ago and it shows very well how life could have been in those time: it contains a kitchen, a small bedroom, and the “Soulìer”, a big pub with a wooden attic.
INFO: Borgo Ferriere – for information: Refuge Becchi Rossi: Ph. +39.0171.96715 -  
OPENING HOURS: Open during summer, for the key ask at the Refuge Becchi Rossi.

Bellino – Museum of the time
A original museum dedicated to time that is located in Borgata Celle di Bellino, a beautiful alpine village famous for its "meridiane" (sundials) painted on the façades of numerous buildings. Tourists can visit the museum and then follow 3 open air itineraries to discover the 32 recently restored sundials that mark the passing of time.
INFO: Borgata Celle – Ph. +39.0175.689629 - 
OPENING HOURS: Only weekends in July, every day in August.

Bene Vagienna – Civic museum
The archaeological museum from Bene Vagienna has been built in the 20th century by Giuseppe Assandria and Giovanni Vacchetta’s request. These two men discovered the ancient excavation site in Augusta Bagiennorum and during 1892 and 1925 they carried out several archaeological researches there. The museum keeps the findings of these researches.
INFO: Palazzo Lucerna di Rorà: Via Roma, 125 – Ph. +39.0172.654152 - Fax. +39.0172.654947 -   -  -  - 
OPENING HOURS: Saturday from 2:30-6.00p.m., Sunday from 10:00a.m.-12:00a.m./2:30-6:00p.m.

Borgo S. Dalmazzo – Museum of the San Dalmazzo abbey 
Building the museum of the abbey last ten years. The church was an important key issue during the Middle Ages.
INFO: Via Ospedale, 2 – Ph. +39.0171.262573 (during opening hours); to book visits in working days Ph. +39.0171.266133 (office hours)  -
OPENING HOURS: Saturday Sunday and holidays from 3:00-5:30p.m.

Boves - Atlas of Sounds
Atlas of sounds is a new educational path based on the music in the five continents, an ideal prosecution of the visit to the Venasca's "Fabbrica dei Suoni". In the area "the City of Cumabò" there's a path exclusively projected and made for primary school childrens.
INFO: Via Moschetti, 15 - Ph. +39.0175.567840 - - - FB Atlante Dei Suoni
OPENING HOURS: Every first Sunday afternoon of the month with 2 guided visits, one at 3:00p.m., one at 5:00p.m. In August, special opening on Thursday at 3:00p.m. Reservation is required before Friday.

Boves – Mushroom museum
The Mushroom and natural sciences Museum in Boves keeps several plaster and resin reproductions of the typical food in its territory. Worth of seeing are the different fossils, stuffed animals, shells, reptiles, crustacean and over 10 sorts of butterflies. 
INFO: Piazza Borelli, 6 – Ph. +39.0171.391834 – Municipality Boves: Ph. +39.0171.391811 - 
OPENING HOURS: From April to October every first Sunday of the month from 3:30p.m.-6:30p.m.

Boves – Chestnut museum
Protagonist of this museum is the chestnut, a typical product of the local tradition. The museum is surrounded by a green area and didactic paths, that can be walked by the visitors, allow one to gain an insight into the old costumes of the territory. 
INFO: Via Roncaia, 24 – Ph. +39.338.8893312 -  -
OPENING HOURS: From April to October every first Sunday of the month from 3:30-6:30p.m.

Boves - Resistence Museum
In this museum there are paintings of great documentary value with some episodes of daily life of partisans between 1943 and 1945. Those paintings were made by Adriana Filippi, a young teacher from Turin that was trying to escape bombings.
INFO: Via Marconi, 2 at Palazzo Vecchio del Municipio; Ass. Fermenti Musei - Ph. +39.339.2127263 - - 
OPENING HOURS: From April to October every first Sunday of the month from 3:30p.m. to 6:30p.m.

Briaglia - World of Stone
The World of Stone consist in 40 years of researches and studies on finds of Prof. Ettore Jangro D'Aquino. In the Ex Confraternity of San Giovanni there are 52 stones and some artefacts found in the 70s in the territory of Municipality of Briaglia. A virtual tour and information panels will accompany your visit. The museum is the starting point to discover the other sites on the Briagli area, an amazing point of view on the piedmontese Alps and the hypogeum cavity in the locality of Casnea.
INFO: Via A. Borsarelli, 14 - Ph. +39.0174.563697

Caraglio – Spinning-mill
Edified round to 3 courts, the Filatoio of Caraglio is the most ancient silk factory in Europe. It represents the only case inside the economic context of seventeenth-century Piedmont for its importance about architecture.
INFO: Via Matteotti, 40 - Ph.+39.0171.610.258 - - 
OPENING HOURS: click here.

Carrù – Casa della Piemontese
After more than 3 years of research, the “House of the Piedmontese” now displays photos and videos, interviews, posters, farmers scenes and tools describing the story and the secrets of the most diffused indigenous breed in Italy.
The museum, strongly wanted by the National Piedmontese breeders Association (ANABORAPI), is the first in Italy for a single breed, the second in Europe after the Maison du Charolais in France.
A very suggestive multimedia path guides the visitor to the discovery of this unique breed, from the Greek mythology to the modern livestock and productions technologies.
The ground floor is dedicated to the breeders world. A ramp, that turns like a climb to the mountain pastures, gets you to the first floor. There the leading role is played by the Piedmontese meat with a guided “cooking & tasting” space.
INFO: Strada Trinità 32/A - Ph. +39.0173.750791 - -
OPENING HOURS : 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month with 2 guided visits at 11 a.m., and 3 p.m. Reservations and taste itineraries must be made at least one week before. From Monday to Sunday the Museum is open for groups only (more than 15 people) upon reservation. 

Casteldelfino – Centre of documentation of the people’s religion
The centre is kept in the ancient Romanesque chapel of Sant’Eusebio. It is the only building that survived the flood during the 12th century and it is used for concerts, conferences and projections.
INFO: Comunità Montana Valle Varaita, Ph. +39.0175.978318 -
OPENING HOURS: Reservations only.

Casteldelfino - Centro visita Alevè
The visitor center in Casteldelfino allows one to pass a part of the Alevè forest and provides a remarkable view of the Swiss stone pine and a rock face.
INFO: Via Roma, 38 - Ph. +39.0175.46505 - - 
OPENING HOURS: July: every Sunday from 10:00a.m.-12:30a.m./2:00-6:30p.m.. August: every Sunday and bank holidays from 10:00-12:30a.m./2:00-6:30p.m.; Saturday from 2:30-6:30p.m.

Casteldelfino – Ethnographic museum
One can see: tools, an ancient kitchen and traditional clothing.
INFO: Località Casermette - Via Circonvallazione – Municipality Casteldelfino: Ph. +39.0175.95126 – Mr Cantarello: Ph. +39.0175.95242 – Mr Murazzano: Ph. +39.333.1861331 -  -
OPENING HOURS: August: open every day from 3:00-6:00p.m. In other months only on request.

Castelmagno - Muzeu dal travai d'isi' – Museum of mountain works
The museum of work has been founded in 1788 and keeps nearly 250 tools of the ancient local community.
INFO: Località Chiappi - Via Giordano e Marino 7 - Ph. +39.0171.986370 - 
OPENING HOURS: 25 June – 31 August: open every day from 9:00a.m.-12:00a.m./3:00-6:00p.m.; it is possible to visit on other days with advanced booking.

Castelmagno - Pichot Muzeu d'la Vita d'isi' – Little museum of local mountain life
In an ambience that seems ancient, there are exhibit tools and instruments of everyday use, described in Occitan and Italian language.
INFO: Fraz.Colletto - Ph. +39.011.8172212 -  - 
OPENING HOURS: July to September every day. Saturday and Sunday from 4:30-6:30p.m. (guided visit)

Celle Macra - Museo SELES – Multimedia museum of itinerant trade
The Museum is devoted to itinerant trades which characterized the Maira Valley in the past. 
INFO: Municipality - Ph. +39.0171.999190 - Fax. +39.0171.999835
OPENING HOURS: July and August from 2:00p.m.-6:00p.m. For every other periods call Augusto Franco - Ph. +39.333.7167977

Centallo – Pellegrino museum
The little museum is dedicated to the cardinal Pellegrino (born in 1703) and to his literary and pastoral works.
INFO: Piazza Cardinal Pellegrino frazione Roata Chiusani - Ph. +39.0171.719329 -
OPENING HOURS: The museum can be visited all year long through the San Bernardi Abate parish church. It is advisable to book the visit with al least one day in advance.

Chianale – Museum of the clothing
The collection exhibits mostly very colourful female clothing of the Varaita Valley and some upper valleys, whichbelong richest ones in the western Alps.
INFO: Tourist office in Valle: Ph. +39.0175.970640
June and September: Saturday and Sunday from 3:00-6:00p.m. July and August: every day (except Tuesday) from 3:00-6:00p.m.

Chiusa Pesio – Museum of Glass and Cut-Glass Royal Factory - Museum of the Resistance movement
Chiusa Pesio is a small but important town if speaking of historical and artistic memories and beautiful countryside. The museum shows the tradition of the art of ceramics. Museum and photographical exhibition of the resistance movement in the Pesio Valley during 1943 and 1945.
INFO: Piazza Cavour, 13 – Ph. +39.0171.734990 - -
OPENING HOURS: from 1st  July to 30th September: Tuesday - Saturday: 9.30p.m - 12.00p.m/3.30a.m - 5.30a.m. Sunday: 9.30p.m - 12.30p.m/3.00a.m - 6.00a.m. Closed on Monday.
From 1st October to 30th June: 9.30p.m - 12.00p.m/3.30a.m - 5.30a.m. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Chiusa Pesio - Mountain Photography Museum Photographic collection of Michele Pellegrin
There are over three hundred black and white shots of territory, culture and local traditions.
INFO: At headquarter of Natural Park of Marguareis Via Sant'Anna, 34 - Ph. +39.0171.976865
OPENING HOURS: Every Saturday and Sunday of July and August from 3:00p.m.-6:00p.m.

Chiusa Pesio – Missionary naturalistic museum
The museum keeps tools, stuffed animals and different curiosities from Africa, East- and South America. 
INFO: Certosa di Pesio – Municipality: Ph. +39.0171.738123
OPENING HOURS: every day from 09:00a.m.-12:00a.m./3:00-6:00p.m.

Costigliole Saluzzo – Farm ethnographic museum
The museum is situated in the manor house of the winemaker Chiotti and keeps a number of objects, tools and basic commodities of a traditional piedmont family.
INFO: Via Ceretto 76 - Ph. +39.338.4905913 - -
OPENING HOURS: Only on reservation.

Cuneo – Museum of Galimberti's house

The house-museum that has been given to the city Cuneo by the Galimberti family, is a typical bourgeois house from the late 7th century-beginning 20th century: the study of the Member of Parliament and Senator Tancredi, the library and a precious collection of paintings and sculptures evoke the epic of the family. Another section of the museum is dedicated to the life of Duccio (Tancredi’s son) and the resistance movement.
INFO: Piazza Galimberti, 6 - Ph. +39.0171.444.801 -  - 
OPENING HOURS:  Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 3:30-5:00p.m. Library: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30a.m.-12:00a.m. and Wednesday from 8:30a.m.-12:00a.m./2:30-5:00p.m. with advanced booking by following phone number +39.0171.444.801. 

Cuneo - Civic museum of Cuneo
The museum is situated in the wonderful former Franciscan convent with a Romanesque-gothic church from the 15th century and a cloister dated back to the 17th century. The museum has three sections: archaeological,  artistic and  folkloric.
INFO: Via Santa Maria, 10 - Ph. +39 0171 634 175 -  - 
OPENING HOURS: from Tuesday to Sunday from 3:30-6:30 p.m., closed on Monday.

Cuneo – Palazzo Samone
The Palazzo Samone has been recently restored. Now various offices and a space for exhibitions and events are located there.
INFO: Via Amedeo Rossi, 4 - Ph. +39.0171.444810-812 - Fax +39.0171.444.825 – -

Cuneo - Alpin Division Cuneese Memorial (Historical Rooms)
Set up in the old station premises, it is possible to undertake a journey back in time, to discover the fascinating and particular history of this military division, initially created for the defense of the northern mountain border from East to West. In the dedicated rooms it is possible to admire the various eras and rare relics of the nine-twentieth century period.
INFO: Mrs. Petracca - Ph. +39.347.1355857 
OPENING HOURS: Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. It is possible to have guided visits on reservation.

Cuneo - San Sebastiano Diocesan Museum
The museum is located in Contrada Mondovì. The exhibition is almost entirely focused on works belonging to the San Sebastiano complex. It tells about the devotion of an ancient confraternity and it also about the meaning of spirituality in History and Society.
INFO: Ph. +39.0171.67725, -
OPENING HOURS: Friday from 3:00p.m. to 7:00p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m.

Cuneo - Terra di Artigiani
The provincial headquarters of Confartigianato holds in its basement the itinerary "Terra di Artigiani", a path in the world of "know-how" divided into different thematic routes and with the support of a modern technological set-up. The exhibition provides a wide interactive space for children, guided by a bee, the mascot of the museum, but also workshops and meeting for adults. "Terra di Artigiani" is open on reservation for groups, primary and secondary schools.
INFO AND RESERVATIONS: tel. +39 0171 451 111,

Demonte – Ethnographic museum “Lou Feracaval”
Piazza Renzo Spada - Ph. +39.0171.955555 - Fax. +39.0171.955055 -
OPENING HOURS: advanced booking required.

Dronero - Espaci Occitan
The museum of the Occitan language tries to provide the visitors with an insight of the Occitan culture. The museum informs about the incredible literary tradition, the music, the history and all the aspects that belong to the economic well-being of the territory.
INFO: Via Val Mayra 19 Ex Caserma Beltricco – Ph./Fax. +39.0171.904075 - -
OPENING HOURS: summer Wed. 3.00 p.m - 6.00 p.m, Thu. and Fr. 9.00 a.m.-12.00/3.00 p.m-6.00 p.m. and on Saturday 9.00 a.m - 12.00. Winter upon reservation.

Dronero - Museo Mallé – Dronero civic museum
The civic museum exists since 1795 and has been built on Luigi Mallé’s request, who was an art historian. His testament said, that he wouldn't donate the “family house” to the municipality of Dronero until a museum will be founded dedicated to his name. The building dates back to the 17th century and keeps the civic library on the ground floor and a collection of Mallè’s objects on the first and second floor.
INFO: Via IV Novembre, 54 (Entrance in Via Valmala, 9) - Ph. +39.0171.909329 - Fax +39.0171.918834 -
OPENING HOURS:  Saturday, Sunday and holidays 2:30-6:30p.m.

Elva - Museo dei Cavié
The beautiful “house of the Sun” is a great example for the alp architecture and takes its name from a sun painted on the wall. Nowadays the Museum of Hair is situated here and it shows the different phases of the working on hairs and collects proofs, photos, pictures and documents about this work.
INFO: Casa della Meridiana Borgata Serre – Ph. +39.340.9846508
OPENING HOURS: Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10 am -12 pm /3 pm - 6 pm

Fossano – Museum of sacred art
The shops in Via Vecovado own quit a number of paintings with religious character of the 16th and 17th character, that belong to churches and fraternities of the city.
INFO: Temporary closed.
OPENING HOURS: every Sunday and bank holidays. During Winter from 3 pm -6:30 pm. During Summer from 3:30 pm -7 pm.

Frabosa Soprana – Ethnographic museum
The museum is guided by the association “E. Kye” and reminds one of the most western provincial enclave of Europe. It keeps a collection of objects of the mountain life in the past.
INFO: Piazza Bersezio, 2 – Ph. +39 0174 349 240; +39 338 348 3572
OPENING HOURS: July and August from 9 am-6 pm. For the others months reservation is required.

Frabosa Sottana -  Museum of the mountains and its inhabitants
The museum of the mountains is situated in the former primary school in Miroglio. In the Inner area some one-room flats and some studies have been reconstructed with their furnishings, tools and nearly 600 agricultural tools, which derive from the first half of the 20th century.
INFO: Frazione Miroglio - Tourist office Mondolè: Ph. +39 0174 244 481 -
OPENING HOURS: From September to May only on reservation. June and July on the weekends from 3 pm -6 pm, bank holidays on reservation. August every day from 1st to 15th and (after Ferragosto) on the weekends from 3 pm -6 pm, bank holidays on reservation.

Garessio - Civic museom of Garessio
This museum is dedicated to archaeology and geo-speleology.
INFO: Piazza Carrara, 137 – Ph. +39.0174.805670 - -   
OPENING HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00a.m.-12:00a.m., Tuesday und Thursday from 2:30p.m-6:00p.m. 

Limone Piemonte - Museum of ski
The museum tells the visitors the history of ski and Riserva Bianca, of the valley and the most important resource: snow. Thousands of documents, pictures, and films can be consulted thanks to an innovated multimedia experience. A complete collection of data is presented through interactive informative displays.
INFO: Public Library Piazza Henry Dunant, 11 – Ph. +39.0171.926663 - -    
OPENING HOURS: from July 1st to August 31st and during Christmas holidays open from Tuesday to Sunday 9am-12.30pm/2.30pm-6.30pm. During the rest of the year:  Tuesday 3pm-6pm, Thursday 9am-12pm/3pm-6pm, Saturday 9am-12.30pm/3pm-6pm.

Marmora - Open Air  Museum of Ethnology
Along the little and ancient streets of Borgata Vernetti the owners of Locanda Ceaglio have gathered a great number of pictures and tools of everyday life that people living in the mountains used to employ. It is a sort of little museum that testifies the difficult life of mountaineers in past times.
INFO: Locanda Ceaglio, Fraz. Vernetti - ph. / fax. +39 0171.998117 - 
OPENING HOURS: always open.

Martiniana Po - Museum of the Piropo mineral
The Piròpo mineral belongs to the pebble and garnet category. Its colour is fiery red. The museum wants to draw the visitor’s attention to environmental protection and geological resources.
INFO: Via Roma, 25 - Parco del Po Cuneese: Ph. +39.0175.46505 - -
OPENING HOURS: Sunday from 2:30-6:30p.m.

Mombasiglio –Mombasiglio castle – Napoleonic museum
This castle has been built around the year 1000 and it is situated in the old town of Mombasiglio in a panoramic area. In 1796 the Napoleonic armed forces were billeted here and nowadays the Napoleonic museum has its establishment on the first floor. 
INFO: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 19 – Ph. +39 0174 780268 - Fax +39 0174 782935 -  - 
OPENING HOURS: Guided tours upon reservation.

Mondovì - Ceramic museum
Mondovì has been characterized by the ceramic production from the Napoleonic age to the end of the 19th Century. The Museum of Ceramic Art in Mondovì keeps nearly 600 ceramic objects and more than 2.000 items in its storage.
INFO: Piazza Maggiore, 1 (Mondovì Tourist office)  Ph. +39.0174.330358 – - - 

OPENING HOURS: from 1st January to 14th June and from 16th September to 31st December Fridays, Saturdays 3:00-6:00p.m. Sundays and bank holidays 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m. From 15th June to 15th September Fridays, Saturdays 3.00-7.00p.m., Sundays and bank holidays 10.00a.m.-7.00p.m. Other days only groups upon reservation. 

Mondovì - Press Museum
The Printing Museum keeps one oft the most complete collection of printing machines in Italy. The museum describes the main phases of printing art. Just to remember: the first printed book in Mondovì dates back to 1472. 
INFO: Mondovì Piazza, via Emanuele Filiberto –  tel. +39 0174 559 256, -

OPENING HOURS: for further information call +39 0174 559 256 or write

Monterosso Grana – Ethnographic museum Coumboscuro of the Provenzal Civilization
The museum tries to explain the tradition and culture of the territory around Cuneo that has been passed on from generation to generation in the course of being.
INFO: Fraz. Sancto Lucio de Coumboscuro - Ph. +39.0171.98771 - Fax +39.0171.98771 -    - 
OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday from 09:00-12:00a.m./2:00-7:00p.m.

Ormea – High Tanaro valley ethnographic museum
INFO: Tourist Office: Ph. +39.0174.391101
OPENING HOURS: July: every Sunday from 4:00-7:00p.m. August: every day from 4:00-7:00p.m.

Ostana – Civic eco-museum
The civic museum is situated in the old Palazzo Comunale and presents, with a reconstruction of some environments, moments of the life in Ostana in the past. The history is told through historical documents, for instance the Ostana statute of 1425.
INFO: Ph. +39.0175.940310 - 
OPENING HOURS: July and August: every Sunday from 10:30-12:30p.m. and 2:30-5:30p.m.

Pamparato – Museum of the mountain people customs
The museum collects typical work items, tools and objects of everyday use as they were before the world has been “modernized”.  
INFO: Via Chiesa, 39 – Mrs. Leonarda Di Carlo Ph. +39.347.8868054 -  
OPENING HOURS: August from 10:00-12:00p.m. Others Months only on reservation.

Peveragno - Toselli and Bersezio Museum
A rich collection of documents and memorabilia of Major Pietro Tosselli deceased in the clash with the Abyssinian troops.
INFO: Via Vittorio Bersezio, 34 - Ass. Fermenti Musei - Ph. +39.0171.337728
OPENING HOURS: In the opening hours of the library, Monday to Friday from 8:30a.m. to 1:00p.m., Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 3:00 to 6:00p.m.

Piasco – Museum of the harp
The museum of the harp Victor Salvi is the first and only one dedicated entirely to the harp, its history and its sounds. 
INFO: Via Rossana, 7 – Ph. +39.0175.270510 – Fax +39.0175.270512 –   -
OPENING HOURS: June to September: upon reservation from Monday to Friday from 9:30a.m.-11:30a.m./1:30-3:30p.m. Open the first and third Sunday of the month from 2:30-6:30 p.m. Last entrance at 5:30 p.m.

Pietraporzio – Eco-museum of sheep farming
The permanent museum describes to the visitor the sheep farming around Cuneo and the nearby France.
INFO: Ph. +39.0171.955555 - Fax +39.0171.955055 -  - 
OPENING HOURS: July to August: Tuesday to Sunday from 3:00-6:00p.m. All year long: Saturday and Sunday from 3:00-6:00p.m.

Pontechianale – Museum of clothing items and handmade textiles
The exhibited collections show female clothing items of the valley, that used to be the richest one of all Occitan Valleys. Furthermore they show the different skills typical for the women of the valley, for instance the art of bobbin lace and the horsehair manufacturing. 
INFO: Fraz. Chianale 120 - Ph. +39.0175.950106, +39.347.8999198 - - 
OPENING HOURS: From June to September, Saturday and Sunday 3:00-6:00p.m. August every day (excluding Tuesday) from 3:00-6:00p.m.

Racconigi - Silk Museum and Garden
In 2004 a group of enthusiasts rediscovered the silkworm breeding, an activity that in past made this little town famous. A local Association called "Sul filo della seta" developed a historiographical knowledge, from its origins in the 1400s to the construction of the "Fabbriche Magnifiche" (Magnificent Factories), 40 factories with more than 4000 employees, and studied the entire process linked to silkworm breeding. All this is represented in this little museum named after Mario Monasterolo, a historian from Racconigi, who strongly wanted to  create it. The museum is open on Sundays all year round.
INFO: Via Garibaldi 3 (Entrance  from Garden Piazza Burzio), ph. +39.334.6452 899,
Tourist Office: from Monday to Friday, from  10 am to 12.30 pm and from  2.30 pm to 5 pm, ph. +39 392 081 1406
email and web:
Sunday from 10 am to 12.00 pm and from 2.30 pm to 5 pm

Revello – River Po naturalistic museum
Situated near the Castle Sottano, which is today seat of the municipality, the museum can be found on the first floor. The Inner contains the reconstruction by means of three large dioramas of natural environments through which the River Po passes: the plains, hills and mountains. One can also admire the collections of plant species that live along the river.INFO: Ph. +39.0175.46505 -   - didattica@parcodelpocn.itOPENING HOURS: Sunday from 2:00p.m. to 6:30p.m.

Roaschia - Museum of Catharism
Permanent exhibition on the presence of the Cathars in the area of Cuneo and in the so called Occitania: there is a wide documentation of both written and photographic documentation, with a reading room that allows the consultation of texts also in French. Free brochures are available on the subject, on request it is possible to organize meetings and seminars. There is also a tourist info-point annexed where it is possible to consult the paper version of the weekly tourist communication of ATL. The "Centro Studi Catari Occitani" seeks to shed light on particular aspects of religious life that are still unknown to the general public today. Photographic exhibition on the resurgent "La Dragonera": extensive photo report on the internal exploration of the cave.
INFO: Ph. +39.338.1243345 - 
OPENING HOURS: Open all year - free access - At Bar Trattoria Al Drago Nero, Via Circonvallazione, 4. From 10:00 to 12:00a.m. and from 3:00 to 6:00p.m. Closed on Thursday.

Robilante - Museum of accordion
The museum presents the phases of the according construction and exposes the models that talks about costumes and craft activities. The museum also houses the works of a local artist carved in wood, depicting figures inspired by the peasant world of the first half of the twentieth century: players, grazing animals, soldiers, are evoked in a poetic and original style. Entrance on donation.
INFO: Via Bartolomeo Ghiglione, 7 - Municipality of Robilante Ph. +39.0171.78101 - Alba Ph. +39.0171.789116 - Mr. Renzo Ph. +39.347.7875025 - Mr. Silvio Ph. +39.348.2484890 -
OPENING HOURS: Every last Sunday fro September to May 2019 from 10:00 to 12:00a.m. and from 3:00 to 6:30p.m.

Robilante - MUS.S.COM Museum of Sounds and Communications
Don't miss its ancient gramophones with elegant shapes, vintage radios that have shaped history, small and big fun facts.
INFO: Via Umberto I, 33 - Municipality of Robilante Ph. +39.0171.78101 - Alba Ph. +39.0171.789116 - Mr. Renzo Ph. +39.347.7875025 - Mr. Silvio Ph. +39.348.2484890 - 
OPENING HOURS: Every last Sunday fro September to May 2019 from 10:00 to 12:00a.m. and from 3:00 to 6:30p.m.

Rocca de’ Baldi – Provincial ethnographic museum Augusto Doro
INFO: Piazza Pio VII - Tel: +39 0174 587605 -  - - FB Castello Museo di Rocca De' Baldi
OPENING HOURS: Every Sunday from 25th April - 31st October 2:30-6:30p.m.

Roccavione – Ethnographic museum of the old mill
The museum is divided into three sections: the first is dedicated to the mill and has three mills and machineries essential for the production of flour, the second is an ethnographic reconstruction of the shoemaker's shop and a presentation of old crafts, and finally the third is dedicated to the natural sciences.
INFO: Via Molino, 11 - Ph. +39.0171.767108 – Fax: +39.0171.757857 - -
OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday from 9:00-12:00p.m.; Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday and Sunday: on request.

Rossana - Ethnographic museum of the Resistance
The museum is located in a pleasant village, surrounded by mountains that witnessed continuous raids and partisan actions made by the Nazi-Fascists, who signed dramatic episodes for the partisans.
INFO: Ph. (+39) 3332966316, 

Saluzzo – Botanical garden of Villa Bricherasio 
This is a park, divided into three different phytoclimatic areas: the Mediterranean flora, the temperate and cold zone and the continental climate area.
INFO: Via Bodoni, 88 – Ph. +39.0175.41061, +39.340.8054313 - - 
OPENING HOURS: from April to end October: Tuesday to Saturday 9.30a.m.-12.00p.m. - 2.30-6.00p.m. Sunday 9:30a.m.- 6:30 p.m.

Saluzzo – Civic museum “Casa Cavassa”
This is one of the symbols of the Renaissance in the Saluzzo area; the marble gateway and wooden door are worthy noticing, so is the Sala del Volto and the grisaille frescoes in the interior courtyard. The Museum has 15 rooms with painted wooden ceilings and antique furnishings (Renaissance and 19th century furniture).
INFO: Ph. +39.0175.240006 - 800 942241 - -
OPENING HOURS: click here

Saluzzo – Silvio Pellico’s House
Silvio Pellico’s house looks over the little Mondagli square, one of the most evocative places of the historical centre of Saluzzo. The building, that has medieval origins and it is placed just out of the city walls of 1280, is nowadays considered a “house museum”: on the first floor one can visit a beautiful neoclassical hall, while on the ground floor the main hall is completely accessible to visitors (there are no architectural barriers).
Silvio Pellico’s memorabilia, partially shown in this house, is composed by a heterogeneous collection of heirlooms, manuscripts and books that  - at least partly - was given to the Municipality of Saluzzo by the writer’s sister. The present museum set up shows, on the ground floor walls, a sequence of copies of different title pages of the autobiographical book “Le mie prigioni” that was published in hundreds of different  editions all over Europe.
INFO: Ph. +39.0175.240006 - 800 942241 -
OPENING HOURS: click here

Saluzzo – Museum of the Knightly Culture
Inside the “Castiglia” castle.
INFO: Ph. +39.0175.240006 - 800 942241 -
OPENING HOURS: click here

Saluzzo – Prison-Museum
Inside the “Castiglia” castle.
INFO: Ph. +39.0175.240006 - 800 942241 -
OPENING HOURS: click here

Saluzzo - Matteo Olivero’s Art Gallery
2nd floor of the old town hall. Gallery dedicated to the artist Matteo Olivero (from Acceglio) whose works were exhibited in Paris, Brussels and Munich.
INFO: Ph. +39.0175.240006 - 800 942241 -
OPENING HOURS: click here

Saluzzo – Fondi storici biblioteca civica e collezione bodoniana
:  IAT - Tourist Office  ph. +39.0175.46710
OPENING HOURS: Thursday (upon reservation at +39.348.0707998) 4.00-6.00p.m.; Friday 2.00-6.00p.m.; Saturday 9.30a.m.-1.00p.m.-2.00-6.00p.m. . Special openings on 21st, 26th December and on 6th January. It will be close from 7th January to 28th February.

Sampeyre – Sampeyre Ethnographic museum
The museum keeps agricultural work tools needed for wool processing and bread-making in a number of rooms. An old school class with desks and blackboards, a ferrier and blacksmith laboratory, as well as some traditional clothing have been reconstructed.
INFO: Via Roma, 25 – Municipality of Sampeyre: Ph. +39.0175.977148
OPENING HOURS: July and August from 10:00a.m.-12:30p.m./4:00-7:00p.m. other months on request.

Sanfront - Borgata Museo di Balma Boves
Balma Boves is a picturesque village carved out of the side of a rocky gorge at 652 meters above sea level on Monte Bracco, between the hamlets of Rocchetta and Robella. Its well-chosen location, nestled among the protruding rocks, has allowed the village to stay intact over time, it was inhabited until the late 1960s. Where the rock protects the buildings from bad weather, the buildings have flat roofs, while others are partially covered with slates. The site is of cultural, architectural and aesthetic interest.
INFO: Località Balma Boves - Frazione Rocchetta – Ph. +39.346.6908618 – 349.8439091 - 
OPENING HOURS : click here

Savigliano - Mùses - European Academy of essences
A unique place, a cutting-edge techno-sensorial pole that, starting from the rediscovery of the aromatic herbs of Piedmont, proposes a journey through the knowledge of the art of perfumery, the flavors and the essences of the territories. Múses is also a fascinating exhibition through the secrets of the essences over the centuries: from Byzantium to Venice on the routes of essential oils and spices; from Piedmont to the rest of Europe with the compelling saga of the Eau de Cologne, between history, technology and knowledge of well-being.
INFO: Palazzo Taffini d'Acceglio -Ph. +39.0172.375025 - - 
OPENING HOURS: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 2p.m. to 6 p.m.

SAVIGLIANO – “Davide Calandra” City museum and gypsoteque
Hosted in the former Franciscan monastery, the museum boasts a collection that ranges from the Roman period to Contemporary art. A precious XIX  century scale-model introduces the history of the city; among the most important pieces we can find a Roman tombstone of “Venerabile Gudiris” dating back to the VIII century; the section dedicated to the XVI and XVII century art includes, among all, a Flemish “Triptych of Jacob” and the scientific works of Giovanni Antonio Molineri and his school; modern art is represented by Attilio Bonino’s collection, mainly composed of landscapes, with Piedmontese renowned artists like Casorati and Boetto. The “Conceptual Art” section is really interesting. The precious ex voto collection and the setting dedicated to the historic Pharmacy of Ospedale SS.Annunziata are not to be missed. In the convent church, fully restored, there are plaster sculptures by Davide Calandra (1856-1915) and a lot of documents about the works that made him famous in Italy, Germany, Netherland and Argentina. Among his works of art: the stunning decoration of the Italian Parliament and the monuments portraying the Duke Amedeo of Aosta in Turin and King Umberto I in Rome.
INFO: Via San Francesco, 19 – Offices and watchperson: tel. +39.0172.712982 – Tourist Office: tel. +39.0172.370736 (Friday - Sunday) -
OPENING HOURS: on Saturday from 3 pm to 6.30 pm and on Sunday 10 am – 1 pm / 3 pm – 6.30 pm. Visit included in the entrance ticket: on Saturday at 3.30 pm and 5 pm; on Sunday at 10.30 am – 12 pm – 3.30 pm – 5 pm. On weekdays open for groups among reservation. Closed in August.

Savigliano – Ex-Voto Museum
The idea to realize the Ex-Voto museum in the sanctuary was born in 2001 after some 17th century rooms of the sanctuary have been reconstructed. 
INFO: Sanctuary Madonna della Sanità, Via Sanità 26 - Municipality of Savilgiano Ph. +39.0172.370736

Savigliano – Railway Museum
Exhibition of historical railways. The Museum keeps some operating steam locomotives used in connection with historical events.
INFO: Via Coloira, 7 - Ph. +39.0172.31192 - Fax. +39.0172.725536 - - 
OPENING HOURS: click here

Stroppo - L'Escolo de Mountanho - The mountain school
The mountain school museum contains the reconstruction and equipping of a school environment of the past and presents the history of the mountain school from 1900 to 1970.
INFO: Municipality of Stroppo: Ph. +39.0171.999112, +39.0171.999210 - 
OPENING HOURS: all year long on request.

Valdieri - Necropolis Museum
The findings located nearby the archaeological site of Valdieri are a precious evidence of the human presence in the valley in protohistoric age. The collection includes ceramics, and precious bronze artifacts preserved in excellent condition, all coming from the cremation necropolis, used from the Late-Middle Bronze Age (fourteenth century BC) to the Middle Iron Age (5th century BC). The funeral enclosure, inserted in a particularly evocative landscape context, can be reached from the town by a short walk.
INFO: Piazza della Resistenza, 28 
OPENING HOURS: From June to September, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Valdieri – The Rye's eco-museum
The Rye's eco-museum is in Sant'Anna di Valdieri and it shows the long journey through the history of this cereal from stone-age to present days. The museum is rich in tools used in the past to process rye, used in many handcrafted products to build every-day objects.
INFO: Parco Alpi Marittime - Ph. +39.0171.976800
OPENING HOURS: click here

VALLORIATE - Museum of War and Resistance
Inside the Valloriate town hall there is a small museum which, through explanatory panels and objects donated by the villagers, tells the story of the Fascist period and the War of Resistance in the Stura Valley. Outside, the itinerary continues with the Open Air Museum, a path that goes from Valloriate to Paraloup, a symbolic place of the Partisan Resistance and today a meeting place between tradition and cultural innovation.
INFO: Pizza Michelangelo Berardengo 1 - Valloriate. Tel. +39 0171 729 77 - - 
OPENING HOURS: from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or on reservation.

Valloriate – Chestnut museum
This Museum is devoted to the chestnut tree.
INFO: Frazione Airale, 24 – Ph. +39.0171.72977 - - 
OPENING HOURS: on request.

Venasca - La Fabbrica dei Suoni - Music Park
Participants will be immersed into a captivating and unique path that shows the genesis of the sounds and noises, the knowledge of the parameters of speed, height, intensity and timbre. Visitors will experience the vibration of sound waves and learn about musical instruments from around the world. 
INFO: Via Marconi, 15 - Ph. +39.0175.567840 - Fax +39.0175.560963 -  - - FB La Fabbrica Dei Suoni
OPENING HOURS: every third Sunday of the month with advanced booking with 2 guided visits from 3:00-5:00p.m. Special Opening on August every Wednesday from 3:00p.m.

Vernante – Museum of Attilio Mussino
Attilio Mussino, the famous painter of Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio figure, lived his last years of his life in Vernante, a small city in the Vermenagna valley, which has dedicated this museum to him. 
INFO: S.S. 20, 12 - Ph. +39.0171.920550 - Fax. +39.0171.301544
OPENING HOURS: on request.

Vicoforte – Museum of chocolate
This interesting small museum offers visitors a curious itinerary: the Bank of World Cocoa, the Kitchen Theatre, the Cioccoteca, the showroom and a space of Chocco Wellness, where professional massages are done with chocolate and special oils treatments. (Reservation required).
INFO: at Restaurant San Marco Via Francesco Gallo, 19 – Ph. +39.0174.563181 -   -
OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday (except Wednesday) from 9:00a.m.-12:00a.m./3:00-6:00p.m. Sunday from 10:00a.m.-12:00/3:30-6:30p.m.


Ph. Ass. Marcovaldo - Spinning-mill - Caraglio
Museum of Galmiberti's house - Cuneo
Ph. Ass. Marcovaldo - Museo Mallé - Dronero
Ceramicmuseum - Mondovì - Archivio Museo
Printing museum - Mondovì
Museum of the mountain people costums - Pamparato - Archivio Comunità Monregalesi
Museum of the harp - Piasco - Archivio Museo
Museum of the harp - Piasco - Archivio Museo
Eco-museum of sheep farming - Pietraporzio - Archivio Comunità Valle Stura
Ph. Comune Saluzzo - Civic museum Casa Cavassa - Saluzzo
Botanical garden of Villa Bricherasio - Saluzzo
Casa della Piemontese Museum - Carrù
Ethnographic museum - Sampeyre
Calandra's Gypsoteque - Savigliano - Archivio Museo
Railway museum - Savigliano
Chestnut museum - Valloriate - Archivio Comunità Valle Stura
Music Park - Venasca
Ph. Comune di Vernante - Pinocchio's museum - Vernante
San Francesco Church and Museum - Cuneo