SALUZZO and the Marquis’ lands

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Saluzzo and the Civic Tower
Saluzzo - Casa Cavassa
Ph. G. Majno - Manta castle
The Roccolo castle in Busca

Saluzzo is the capital of an ancient and powerful marquisate. It maintains a wonderful medieval town centre and it is dominated by the profile of the Monviso (the mountain where the longest Italian river – the Po - has its spring). The town centre of Saluzzo is one of the most beautiful in northern Italy. 

The Castiglia was the residence of the marquises of Saluzzo and it dominates the Salita al Castello along which there are noble palaces, such as the Casa delle Arti Liberali decorated with grisailles and the town hall with its tower (ascent possible; INFO: tourist board). Not far from there one can find the Romanesque–Gothic church of San Giovanni (open), with paintings by Pietro da Saluzzo (middle of the 15th century), a polyptych by Pascale Oddone (1535), the gothic cloister and the apse, the mortuary chapel of the marquises, masterpiece of the gothic-Burgundian sculpture of the end of the 15th century edified with the grey–green stone of the Po valley. Near that there is Casa Cavassa, residence of the general vicar of the marquisate and example of mansion of the 16th century. Today it is the seat of the town museum and it houses an interesting exposition of furniture, frescoes, art objects as the famous Madonna della Misericordia by Hans Clemer of 1499.

The town is disseminated of art treasures, but the environs are interesting too.

An example is the Castle of Lagnasco built in 1100 and enlarged in the 16th century. Considerable in the east part are the frescoes of the Dolce brothers from Marene. They are rich in decorative elements with warm and bright colours painted between 1560 and 1570 on commission of Benedetto Taparelli.

Manta is dominated by the massive castle, whose frescoes in the baron hall are well-known. They were commissioned by Valerano, natural son of the marquis Tommaso III, in the 15th century. The nine heroes and the nine heroines and the mythic youth fountain represent the aspirations of a refined court world rich in knightly ideals. They are masterpieces of the European gothic art.

The Roccolo castle in Busca in Gothic-Moresque style was edified starting from 1831 on commission of the marquis Roberto Tapparelli D’Azeglio. It represents the most important local example of the „Gothic revival“. The castle lies in a park of more than 500.000 m2, it may have been designed by the famous architect Kurten and built according to the rules of the romantic garden. Here nature is free to express itself through lakes, caves, fountains and panoramic routes. It is possible to visit the monumental greenhouses edified between 1846 and 1850.

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