Fossano, Savigliano and Racconigi: home of the Savoy royal family

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Ph. T. Aimar - Fossano, Holy Trinity Church
Ph. T. Aimar - Fossano, a sight from the Castle Tower
Savigliano, Palazzo Taffini
Ph. D. Mandrile - Savigliano, Piazza Santarosa
Ph. Castello di Racconigi - Royal Castle of Racconigi

The plane stretching from Cuneo to the north is rich in elegant cities and country villages.

The symbol of the town of Fossano is the Acaja castle, built in the 14h century. Emanuele Filiberto and his son Carlo Emanuele I lived there, but at the end of the 17th century it was used as prison for 400 Waldensian. Inside the castle - today restored – there is a multimedia  library. It is possible to go up one of the four corner-towers and admire the panorama. The other important structure is the Maggiore Hospital and the Church of the Holy Trinity built between 1724 and 1751 by the architect Gallo from Mondovì. Via Roma is the main street of the town centre: from the cathedral it is advisable to go towards the Borgovecchio and walk among the Middle Age houses, the nice Church of San Giorgio and the Church of San Filippo Neri.

Benevagienna – formerly called Augusta Bagiennorum – houses an archaeological site of the Roman era including the ruins of the theatre, of the palaeochristian basilica and of the aqueduct. The town centre offers interesting medieval and baroque houses. 

The heart of Savigliano is Piazza Santarosa with its Middle Age arcades, the municipal tower and the triumphal arc, consequence of the stays of the Savoy dukes. Beyond it there is the Church of S. Andrea with paintings of the Savigliano school and the wonderful Taffini Palace from the 17th century. Inside the main room of the palace there is an important fresco representing the glorification of the Savoy duke Vittorio Amedeo I. The Muratori Cravetta Palace is a wonderful example of the mannerist architecture whose inside façade was painted by the Arbaudi brothers in the 17h century. The palace includes the room, with a lacunar ceiling painted with grotesques  and coats of arms, where Carlo Emanuele of Savoy died in 1630 from the  plague . The Civic Museum houses a plaster casts collection dedicated to the plaster moulds of Davide Calandra’s sculptures. Among them the big frieze adorning the Montecitorio hall in Rome.

In Racconigi there is the Royal Castle, an elegant summer residence of the Savoy family. It was originally a fortress, then it became a hunting residence and during the centuries it underwent lots of changes. It is possible to visit the first floor (noble) and the second one (residential), the big kitchens and the royal chapel. Do not forget to visit the park with its greenhouses (among the most famous in Europe) and the neo-gothic Margherie, typical examples of the evocative taste of the 19th century.


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