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Ph. Fusaro - Saluzzo

The Province of Cuneo is an extraordinary casket of architectural jewels dating from the Romanesque, the Gothic and the Baroque periods.

Unknown to most people, they are now considered evidences for an important cultural border movement, signs for an art that blends the European influences and the local reality.

We are suggesting you some itineraries leading to the discovery of the artistic treasures hidden in the valleys and plain of the Province of Cuneo: roads one can go through with no hurry, in order to enjoy the charm of the medieval villages, the parish churches, the monasteries, the sanctuaries, the noble residences and castles.

It is a way back on the traces of the pilgrims, the armies, the smugglers and the artists who went through our mountains.

In this section you will find some of the possible cultural itineraries, but you will find more in the ItalianFrench and Spanish sections of this website. We are still working on their translation in English, thanks for your patience!


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