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The Pesio Charterhouse
Ph. R. Gaborin - Marmots
Ph. R. Gaborin - Waterfall along the path to the Garelli mountain hut

The area of the Pesio valley, in the Ligurian Alps, is part of the Marguareis Nature Park and is renowned  for the beauty and extension of its woods and for the variety of its wildlife.

It is dominated by Mount Marguareis that in the heart of its 2651 mt. hides one of the most important karst systems in the western Alps. There are thousand of grottoes that stretch for miles: many scientists and speleologist visit every year both the Carsene and the Piaggiabella systems (this one accessible from the Tanaro valley).

The Pesio Valley hosts the charming Charterhouse, lying in the middle of the green woods of the Park and founded by Saint Bruno in 1173. Over the centuries it has been modified several times and in the mid of the XVIIth century was redesigned by the royal architect Giovenale Boetto who built the elegant arcades. When the Charterhouse was suppressed by Napoleon in 1802, it was spoiled of its properties and the austere building hosted a hydrotherapeutic establishment where the European high society used to meet. When World War I broke out, the big hotel closed and the old monastery was abandoned for a long time: since 1934, thanks to the Missionary Fathers of the Consolata, it has gone back to its origins and today houses an important religious centre.

Beyond the Charterhouse the landscape becomes barer and the eye embraces those karst-like mountains dominated by the above mentioned Mount Marguareis. There are a lot of different paths for those who love hiking and walking: one of the most beautiful leads to the so-called Pis del Peis to admire the springs of the Pesio torrent that in Spring – thanks to the thaw- form a rushing waterfall. Starting from Pian delle Gorre and walking for about 3 hours on an easy circular path, it is possible to complete the suggestive “Waterfall walk”.

The municipality of Chiusa di Pesio, at the foot of the valley, welcomes visitors in its characteristic historical centre where one can visit the Museum of the Royal Fabric of glasses and crystals. Chiusa is a good starting point for cultural excursions, gastronomic tours and walks in the woods among archaeological finds, XIX century hunting huts, old fortresses ruins, country churches and chapels.

How to get there
From Torino and Savona: take the A6 motorway and exit at Mondovì: the Pesio valley can be reached following the SP 564 road that leads to Cuneo. Near Pianfei follow the road signs to Chiusa di Pesio, where the valley begins.
From  Cuneo: follow the SP 564 road towards Mondovì. Near Beinette follow the road signs to Chiusa di Pesio.

Events and shows
•    Chiusa Pesio (San Bartolomeo hamlet) –Saint John fire – June
•    Chiusa Pesio – Chius’Arte - June
•    Chiusa Pesio – Chiusa Aperta - August / September
•    Chiusa Pesio – Festa del Marrone - October

Tourist Office
Piazza Cavour, 15 - 12013 CHIUSA DI PESIO (CN)
tel. +39 0171 734990 - fax +39 0171 735339 

Parco Naturale del Marguareis
Via S. Anna 34 – 12013 CHIUSA DI PESIO (CN)
Tel. +39 0171 734021 - fax +39 0171 735166