Mongia and Cevetta valleys with Langa Cebana

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Ceva - Regional Mushrooms Fair
Mombasiglio - the village and the Castle, home of a Napoleonic Museum
Sale San Giovanni - lavender field

Mongia and Cevetta are two valleys that lie next to the main one (Tanaro valley) and that with their gentle slopes mark the beginning of the hilly area called Langa. 

More than 60% of the Mongia valley is covered by chestnut trees. Not far from the village of Mombasiglio one can observe a curious geological phenomenon, a sort of natural bridge on the Mongia river, dug by the rush of water and rainfalls. In the same valley one can find the little tourist resort of Viola with the ski resort of St. Grée, an ideal place for families and beginners. In the village of Montezemolo, in the Cevetta valley, lies part of the Nature Reserve of the Belbo Springs, a rare example of middle mountain marsh. 

In the area of Langa Cebana, not far from the village of Sale San Giovanni, there is another interesting botanic area called Arboreto Prandi: about 12 hectares of natural environment. Tanaro is the name of the main river that flows through the town of Ceva, where it meets the first hills of the Langhe area.

Amongst the places of artistic interest we can mention the castle of Lesegno, the castle of Mombasiglio (that hosts a museum dedicated to Napoleon), the castle of the Marquis Incisa di Camerana at Sale S. Giovanni, the imposing castle of the Marquis del Carretto at Saliceto and the medieval tower of Priero that is 36 metres tall.

Ceva, a little town delimited by the Tanaro and Cevetta rivers, is the vital centre of the two valleys. It was already mentioned by Pliny thanks to its excellent cheeses and to the tasty mushrooms that grow in the woods nearby. The town had an imposing Savoy fort, demolished during the time of Napoleonic rule: from its ruins the eye nowadays embraces a wonderful view over the Alps, the Langhe and the plain. The old town centre, with its delightful arcades, features the 14th century Guelf tower of Brolio. Ceva also boasts a delightful small theatre dating back to 1861 and named after the dramatists Carlo and Leopoldo Marenco.

How to get there
From Torino and Savona: take the A6 motorway and exit at Ceva, then follow the road signs towards the various valleys. One can reach Ceva also by train (Turin-Savona railways line). 

Events and shows

• Ceva – Regional Mushroom exhibition and market - September
• Ceva – Old Santa Lucia Fair- December
• Montezemolo – Regional Honey Fair – July
• Sale San Giovanni – … not only herbs - June

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