The Salt Road - from Limone Piemonte to the sea

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The Salt Road - from Limone Piemonte to the sea

On the Salt Road - ATL del Cuneese archive
Off-road vehicles on the Salt Road - ph. R.Croci - ATL del Cuneese archive

The salt roads between Piedmont and Liguria were lands of passage for shepherds, pilgrims, muleteers, traders and travelers who, from western Liguria and nearby Provence, reached Piedmont and northern Europe via the Alpine passes, creating dense networks of exchanges. These were places of transit guarded by many watchtowers scattered throughout the territory. The territory between the Alps and the Ligurian Sea is characterized by a rich cultural system consisting of churches, monuments, castles, historic centers and buildings, "hospitali" i.e. places of rest and prayer, as well as paths, mule tracks, passages.

Most of the routes called "Salt roads” starting from Nice and Porto Maurizio (in Liguria), converged into “Colle del Cornio” (nowadays known as “Colle di Tenda”) from where they continued northwards. Also known as "Via Marenga". (i.e. "that leads to the sea"), the Salt route that passed through Limone was a characteristic mule track that, although it exceeded very high altitudes, did not present annoying up and downs.

Nowadays, the "Salt Routes" have lost their commercial connotation and have taken on an important role in outdoor tourism: hikes, trekking and mountain bike destinations, which allow to explore territories that are still uncontaminated and rich in flora and fauna varieties.

The Salt road which goes along the former military road Limone - Monesi is a route of medium difficulty, which reaches, as its highest point, 2,239 m. above sea level. Starting points can be the railway station of Limone P.te, with a route of 53 km, or the “Colle di Tenda” with 39 km. The arrival is in Monesi di Triora at 1378 m. above sea level; with a ring route, you can return passing through the French territory.

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For information about Limone Piemonte: Tourist Office tel. +39.0171.925281

Accommodation at high altitude (Refuges and Bivouacs) click here.

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The off-road vehicles of the magazine "Elaborare 4x4" have traveled the Salt Road: here is the report.

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Limone-Rifugio Don Barbera

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