"Polenta", a local dish

The cross-country ski trails of Valmala extend over 32 km and offer different difficulty levels from easy to tough. The trails start from the Valmala Sanctuary square where skiers can leave their car. By the Sport centre there are changing rooms, showers and an equipment hire point  (ph. +39.0175.978027). 

Special offer ski pass + lunch at a reduced price and night excursions with  ciastre (snowshoes).

There are 7 cross-country ski trails : 1 trail = very easy (5 km), 3 trails = easy (9 km), 1 trail = average (6 km), 2 trails = difficult (6 km).

The so-called "Via dello scoiattolo" (Squirrel trail) starts from the Sanctuary and arrives to the Valmala Hill: from there one can choose to follow the "Via della Croce" (Cross trail) that goes to the San Bernardo Col and the "Napoleon trail" that goes up to the Ciabra Col. Another trail starts from the hamlet of Lemma (municipality of Rossana) ang arrives to Pian Pietro.
Info: Centro Fondo Valmala - Hamlet of Santuario n. 4 - Valmala. 
ph. +39 0175 978 027 - -

Opportunity to follow cross-country ski classes (individual  or in group) with qualified instructors, ph. +39 331 3791 350 -

Refreshment bars
In the hamlet of Pian Pietro there is a refreshment bar open all year long, while just at the trails starting points there are 3 restaurants/bars.
Info: Centro Fondo Valmala - Hamlet of Santuario n. 4 - Valmala.
ph. +39 0175 978 027 - -