The Sanctuary of Castelmagno
The D.O.P. Castelmagno cheese

The Grana valley, well known for the antique Sanctuary of Castelmagno and for the renowned cheese that has the same name, offers 5 km of runs to the cross-country ski lovers.

The trail called "Gravires" develop along the Grana stream, near the hamlet of Chiappi. The panorama is dominated by the magnificent Rocche Parvo mountain, whose shape remind the Dolomites; another interesting glimpse is the one over the smooth ridge that goes up to the Cucuia peak, a mountain that divides the Grana valley from the glen of Mount Bram.

Starting from the Cross-country Ski Centre, skiers must face some downhill slopes (that are probably the most difficult part of this average level trail) and then an uphill slope that takes to the highest point of the run (there is a difference in altitude of 60 metres from the bridge that is the lowest point). Then there is a long downhill slope that ends by a second little bridge that must be passed over to go back to the Cross-country Ski Centre. It is a very good trail to train in the mountains in a natural set where one can look for silence and peace. 

5 km 
Recommended techniques: classic and skating.
Total difference in altitude: 160 metres

There trails around the village of Castelmagno.

Info on the trails and refreshment bar

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Equipment hire
It is possible to hire different types of cross-countri ski, sticks, shoes and snowshoes.