Bellino, Casteldelfino. Chianale, Sampeyre

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Ph. C.M. Valle Varaita - Bellino, Hamlet of Fontanile
The "Bahio", a local event in Sampeyre
Chianale - Ph. R. Gaborin
"La Fabbrica dei Suoni" Museum in Venasca
The Museum of the Harp in Piasco
The "Toma", a local cheese

The Varaita valley  goes up to Monviso, the most imposing mountain of the south-western Alps.
At Pontechianale it is possible to ski from 1600 to 2700 m, among pinewoods and wide slopes, and trails are for all levels. 
Sampeyre, a tourist resort at 1000 m a.s.l. di quota with hotels, residences, campings and B&B, offers a wide ski area in a magnificent landscape with about 1000 m of rise/drop. The parish church is worth a visit.
Casteldelfino, at 1296 m a.s.l., is a cross-country ski centre: there are about 15 km of trails approved by the Italian Federation of Winter Sports (F.I.S.I.) for national races. 


At Bellino there is 1 easy, 3 km long trail
Info: Rifugio Melezé ph. +39 0175 956 410

By Bellino there are 5 possible trails = 29 km:
- Tour of the hamlets of Bellino (km 6 + 6)
-  Hamlet of Chiesa - Bicocca Col (km 3 and 4, medium level)
-  Hamlet of   Chiesa - Battagliola Col (4 km, better to be informed about possible avalanches)
-  Hamlet of Melezé - Pian Ceol (4 km)
-  Hamlet of Melezé - Pian Travesagn (5 km)

Equipment hire
Rifugio Melezé - ph. +39 0175 956 410

Casteldelfino is just between Sampeyre e Pontechianale and has nowadays become a real cross-country ski centre. There is a 11 km trails with various rings which is approved by the Italian Federation of Winter Sports (F.I.S.I.) for national races. Athletes love this trail that, thanks to its position, usually maintains a good snow level even in Spring. Just over the trail there is a building with services for skiers. The parish church and the church of Saint Eusebio are worth a visit.
"LA TRASA" cross-country ski trail
3 rings: 2 km, 3 km and 6 km.
Info: - - Facebook page - Instagram page - #latrasà

Among the villages of Casteldelfino, Bellino, Castello and Chianale there are 10 snowshoes trails (about 50 km).

Equipment hire 
Rocchietta Maurizio, via Circonvallazione n. 6, Casteldelfino. Ph. +39 0175 951 46 -

The Nordic Ski Centre of Pontechianale has a little equipment hire (ski, snowshoes) and ticket office. The trail called  "Daniele Roux" offers two complementary rings for about 7 km in a unique, beautiful and quiet landscape. 
Info: Pro Loco Chianale ph. +39 349 1626 108
From the village of Chianale start the well known "Giro di Viso" (Tour of Mount Monviso) and a good number of other alpine ski mountaineering itineraries that take to the French districts of  Queyras and Ubaye.

At Chianale there are about 20 km of trails: Trail of Rifugio Bagnour - Vallone Vallanta - Chianale - Pian Vasserot - Agnello Pass (the provincial road is closed in winter) - Vallone di Soustra.

It is the most important village of the valley and a tourist resort (1000 mt a.s.l.) Not to miss the parish church with an interesting portal (XII cent.) and paintings dating back to the XV century.
At Sampeyre there is a 6 kmcross-country ski trail of average difficulty.
Info: via Roma n. 1, ph +39 0175 977 109

There are 3 snowshoes trails, for about 15 km, uphill Rifugio Garneri, at the Pian delle Baracche and at the Colle di Sampeyre.
Info: ph. +39 0175 977 109

- Sampeyre Becetto: ph. +39 0175 977 120 / 979 973

Equipment hire  
Bernardi Sport, via Roma n. 1 ph. +39 0175 977 109

The Varaita valley is covered by the following bus lines:
- Torino/Saluzzo/Valle Varaita: Autolinee ATI -
- Cuneo/Costigliole Saluzzo/Valle Varaiya: Autolinee SAV -