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Crissolo, Po Valley - ph. Cuneo Neve


Your experience in the wilderness.

Your experience in the freedom of silence.

Your experience in a family-friendly environment.

You just have to decide the experience you are looking for in your winter holidays and you will find it in our mountains. From ice climbing to all sort of Nordic skiing to discovering ancient cultures with their timeless flavors, our slice of Alps is a paradise for winter holidays and, while here, do not forget to plan your summer holidays in some of our valleys.

Placed in the southern Piemonte the Alps of Cuneo offer 200 km of downhill trails within its two main ski basins “Riserva Bianca” in Limone Piemonte and “Mondolè Ski” in Artesina, Frabosa Soprana and Prato Nevoso, beyond another 100 km of downhill trails spread within some minor, but not less fascinating, ski resorts. Snowboarding,  freeriding, ice climbing and ski mountaineering are a must (Need an advice? Contact our mountain guides, Global Mountain!)

You can also enjoy something like 400 different Nordic ski trails or an endless number of snowshoes trails. Country crossing, uphill mountaineering, ice climbing and snowmobiling are also available if you want to find thrills without speeding down a mountain. You can savor the view of the Ligurian sea and the Corsica island while sporting in Garessio or walk through pine, larch and fir forests that drape the hillsides of Argentera, Pontechianale or Sampeyre within the others.

After a full day of snow emotions, it is time for the yum-emotion in one of our farm-to-table restaurants or uphill lodges. Our wine, our spirits, and our courses are just some of the gourmand reasons ensuring the Alps of Cuneo to be a top idea for your holiday.


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