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Our name is A.T.L. del Cuneese (Azienda Turistica Locale del Cuneese - Valli Alpine e Città d'Arte) and we are the only official organisation under whose tourist jurisdiction come the mountain territory and plain country of the Cuneo Province. Our territory includes 180 municipalities and about ¾ of the entire area of the Province.

We were born on October 30th 1997 - following the Regional Law n. 75/96 - and our duty is to organise the tourist information and reception and to carry out all the activities connected to the promotion, communication and development of the tourist offer in the Cuneo Province.

According to the Regional Law n. 75/96, the A.T.L. del Cuneese - like the other Local Tourist Boards in Piedmont - is a limited consortium company with a mixed capital (public and private). That means that are the associated themselves - that is to say the people representing the various areas of our territory - who trace out the course of action of the A.T.L.